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Top 3 Things to Do in Owensboro This Weekend: July 22-24

Daviess County Fair    

It’s that time of year again, folks! The Daviess County Lions Club Fair will be bringing you all the rides, food and good times you could ask for July 20-23. You can click here to check out the four-day schedule, which will include events such as an open dairy show, petting zoos, inflatables, laser tag, live music and a monster truck show. Trust us – no matter which day you attend, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Be sure to bring some cash and pack some sunscreen because it’s expected to be warm and sunny this year! 

Splash Pad at Horse Fork Creek Park      

You can find one of the best spray parks in Owensboro at Horse Fork Creek Park, located on the east side of the city. This spray park opened only a couple years ago and is a guaranteed hit for anyone traveling with kids. The 80-by-60-foot splash pad is nearly double the size of other splash pads in the area and includes 23 individual spray features – 13 ground-mounted sprays and 10 above-ground features. Kids can also enjoy a frog, Cattail Twirl and a 20-foot dumping bucket. You could spend the entire day at this splash pad and have so much fun, without spending a dime!

Dinner at Sassafras     

Owensboro’s newest restaurant is garnering tons of positive reviews, and there’s good reason for that. Located at 420 Frederica Street, Sassafras was named after Owensboro’s famous Sassafras tree (the largest in the world!) and focuses on authentic southern and Appalachian dishes made from scratch. Whether it’s smoked meat, charcuterie, chicken and dumplings, or Kentucky succotash you’re in the mood for, Sassafras has it all, and then some. 

Head to Owensboro to explore a variety of outdoor murals

With so many talented artists living in Owensboro, outdoor murals are becoming more widespread across the city. You can take a stroll through downtown Owensboro and see most of these murals for yourself, but we thought we’d break some of the locations down for you to make your journey a little easier. 

Owensboro’s “Be the Change” mural was spearheaded by New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services and encourages people to step up and intervene in dangerous situations when they see them. Those situations may include sexual harassment and assault, bullying and negligent or abusive behavior by families, spouses and caregivers. The lion represents the courage one needs to step up and say something, while the green dots represent the Green Dot Program—a training program that teaches residents what to look for and how to respond to potentially dangerous situations involving other people around them. 

The Be the Change mural is located at Third and Allen streets in downtown Owensboro. 

The “Owensboro” mural that scales the east side of the Visit Owensboro building (215 East Second St.) depicts a number of banjos and other instruments, with the word “Owensboro” painted across the top. The mural highlights Owensboro’s rich Bluegrass Music heritage, as well as its designation as the Bluegrass Music Capital of the World. 

The mural at Kendall-Perkins Park is still in the works, but it’s absolutely gorgeous so far. Depicting Black history and empowerment through historical figures and famed Owensboro residents, this massive mural will stretch 700 feet across a former “segregation wall” and include local talent from artists all across Owensboro. 

The Osprey mural was created by Italian street artist Hitnes. The large mural depicts a bird catching a fish with its talons. You can find it on the west side of the building at the 100 St. Ann building at Riverfront Crossing. The piece is part of a bigger project called “The Image Hunter” which traces the adventures of naturalist John James Audubon when making the book “The Birds of America.” Hitnes’ goal was to travel to more than 20 cities to view birds and create large-scale murals for the self-financed project. 

Cars glisten in this mural as they drive past it on the Glover Cary bridge, making it a beautiful spectacle to see from the ground level. 

The downtown Mirror Mosaic Mural is being brought back to life by artist Gary Bielefeld. Bielefeld had to remove two tons of glass and adhesive from the original mural to begin work on the new one. Stretching 110 feet by 43 feet, this mural shows the entire state of Kentucky and all the geographical regions within it. Bielefeld said the state of Kentucky will be lined with lights and that Owensboro will get its own special spot on the mural, just like before. 

winged butterfly mural at Simply Chic Home Accents is the perfect place to take a selfie. This colorful work of art was painted by Paige Owens and also features a garden scene that winds along the brick wall.  

The vintage Coca Cola Mural can be found at 210 Allen Street. Obviously, you have to take its old-school messaging and advertising (5 cent sodas?!) with a grain of salt, but that’s what makes it so fun! 

“The Whiskey Without Regrets” mural at Green River Distilling Co. was painted by artist and creative director Aaron Kizer. It’s such a cool mural because, first of all, it’s huge. And secondly, it pays homage to Green River Distilling’s 100-plus year history, when original founder J.W. McCulloch named his bourbon “The Whiskey Without Regrets” as part of a very lucrative advertising campaign. And that slogan is still being used by the distillery to this day.




Spring Break events in Owensboro

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, spring break in Owensboro is a great experience. Not only is there a ton of stuff to do during the week, but the Dogwood trees and Azaleas have started to bloom. The days are getting warmer, outdoor patio seating is getting fuller, and the entire city comes alive with the excitement of getting out and experiencing it all.

With our spring break running April 4-8 this year, we’ve got you covered on what to do, what to see, and where to go. From sporting events, to petting zoos, to live music, there’s no better time to check out what Owensboro has to offer than during Spring Break 2022.

Maybe you’re in the market for a little athletic competition this spring break, but don’t know where to find it. We’ve got you covered here in Owensboro with the 2022 Showdown in the Bluegrass Quads Indoor Volleyball Tournament. The tournament is only one day—Sunday, April 3–and there’s cash prizes to be had, so why wouldn’t you sign up?! There’s also a 6 vs. 6 Co-Ed tournament the day before on Saturday, April 2! Both events take place at the Owensboro Convention Center.

Experience Artrageous at the RiverPark Center on April 2. What is Artrageous, you ask?

Imagine an artist creating a masterpiece before your eyes in mere moments, coupled with a palette that mixes captivating vocals, intricate choreography and exciting audience interaction. This show takes you on a unique, visual journey packed with inspiration, creativity and fun! This one-of-a-kind experience brings you a crossover of artists, musicians, singers and dancers. Even better, tickets are only $12.

Kids will have two chances to see some super cool animals at Daviess County Public Library’s “Exotic, Aquatic and Backyard Creatures with Brad Reynolds.” The first show will take place from 2-3 p.m. and the second from 4-5 p.m., both on April 5.

There’s a weeklong Spring Break Camp (#KidsCamp) at the Owensboro Family YMCA running April 4-8. Kids can spend the week swimming, doing crafts, playing games and sports. Children 5-12 years of age are welcome and the event costs $28 per day for non-members and $35 per day for members.

Music legend and multiple Grammy Award winner Dwight Yoakam is performing all of his greatest hits (and there are a lot of them) at the Owensboro Sportscenter on April 7. Tickets are $100 and selling fast!

A fun event for adults and kids alike, an Easter Scavenger Hunt and Petting Zoo will be held at Cecil Farms Produce on April 8 and 9. Get out and explore the farm before taking a scavenger hunt! Be sure to check out your favorite ferns or plants from the greenhouse while you’re there! Tickets are $5 per person and the event runs from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. both days.

The Boro Brawl Nationals is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s a national wrestling competition bringing in roughly 500 student athletes to Owensboro to duke it out on the mat. Held at the Owensboro Convention Center on April 9, this is a great event for anyone interested in wrestling. And for those who participate, the Boro Brawl Nationals is also a great way to impress college recruiting scouts who will be in attendance!

Trunnell’s Farm Market is kicking the spring season off with its Egg-Ceptional Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Fun. And who can say no to bunnies?!

This event will take place at the Utica location, where kiddos of all ages can hunt down Easter eggs and get all their bunny cuddles on April 9 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Tickets are $14.99 per child and $10.99 per adult. Those 12 months and younger get in free!

Tickets include a meet-and-greet with the Easter Bunny, face painting, a close look at tons of baby animals and nonstop egg hunts with prize packs for kids!

While you’re in town, be sure to check out Brasher’s Lil’ Nashville for a weekend of live music, as well as Escape Today for some of the best axe-throwing and escape rooms you can find anywhere in the state!



Beat the Summer Heat in Owensboro

Here in Kentucky, summer likes to stick around all the way through September, and it’s no secret that it can get really, really hot. But here in Owensboro, we’ve got tons of amazing ways to help you beat that summer heat and have a good time doing it. 


If you’re looking for a great swimming pool to cool down in, check out Atlantis Swim Club. Not only can you enjoy a full-length swimming pool with 25-meter lanes, but you can splash around in a wave pool, a gigantic water slide and a gated baby pool for the little ones! 


You don’t have to be a member to swim at Atlantis either. Adults can swim for a full day at $16/person, $11/child and kids 2 and under get in free. And prices drop after 3 p.m. to $11/adult and $7/child. 


If you don’t have time for a day at the pool, there are tons of parks across Owensboro-Daviess County with spray parks. And, hey, who says you have to be a kid to cool off at a spray park? 


You can find spray parks at Smothers Park in downtown Owensboro, Horse Fork Creek Park on the east side of the city, Legion Park and Yellow Creek Park


And if you didn’t bring a bathing suit with you on your trip – no worries. You can spend a day indoors enjoying all the amenities Owensboro has to offer. Kids will have a blast at Elite Air (an indoor trampoline park), Escape Today (escape rooms and ax throwing), the Owensboro Museum of Science and History, Ozone Laser Tag and Southern Lanes Bowling (complete with an arcade and bumper cars). 


Adults and kids alike can beat the summer heat with trips to Green River Distilling Co., the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, Preservation Station, Pixel Palace (selfie museum) or a show at the RiverPark Center.


Best last-minute Halloween costumes for kids

Listen, we’ve all been there. It’s Halloween weekend, and you realize your kids have nothing to wear. We try our best as parents, we really do. But when it comes to the holidays, things get a little crazy. And that’s when

we find ourselves in those moments where, suddenly, it’s Sunday night, and your kiddo is supposed to be in a costume for school on Monday morning. In a fit of panic, we turn the house upside down trying to uncover

items to throw an outfit together, and all we come up with is a pair of Fiskars scissors, some scotch tape and possibly a few tears. 


That’s where we come in. We put together a list of cute, creative and easy-to-make children’s costumes that will serve as life savers in that final hour. 


We’ll start with some basic, go-to Halloween costumes that are timeless and, most importantly, always on theme for the spooky season. 


–Witch: All you need is a witch’s hat, a broom, a black dress and some long green socks. If you don’t have a hat, you can easily make one out of black construction paper. 

–Mummy: Grab some old sheets and tear them into strips. Wrap them around your kid and fasten. Bam. 

–Vampire: A little brown eyeshadow, some face powder, red lipstick and black clothing and you’ve got yourself a Dracula. You can also find fake blood at the store at a super cheap price.  

–Pirate: If you don’t have an eye patch, you can draw one on with some eyeliner or black face paint. Throw on a striped shirt and a floppy black hat if you’ve got it. 

–Scarecrow: Plaid shirt, jeans, pair of boots, floppy hat, corn husks or hay and black eyeliner. Done. 

–Cat: One of the classic Halloween costumes, all this ensemble needs is an all-black outfit, black face paint or eyeliner and, if you’ve got it, a cat-eared headband. 


Here are a few costumes that aren’t quite as typical for Halloween but still very easy to make at the last-minute. And more importantly, super fun to wear. 


–Minion: Grab some goggles, a yellow shirt or hoodie, blue overalls and black gloves, and you’re all set. 

–Superman: Kids love wearing pajamas, so find those Superman PJs and wear your kiddo’s nicest picture day shirt over it (preferably a white one). Leave the top unbuttoned so you can see the big S. If you’ve got some glasses to wear with it, fake or not, that would be cool too! 

–Hershey Kiss: Make a hat out of tinfoil, grab some string to tie it around their head and make your own Hersey logo to glue on it. If you’ve got a silver dress, awesome. If you don’t, you can make a dress out of the tinfoil! 

–Aerobics Instructor: A leotard, some tights, a pair of socks cut into leg warmers, and they are good to go. Big hair with lots of hairspray is a plus. 

–Hippie: A tie-dyed shirt paired with some sunglasses, jeans (bell bottoms if you have them) and a bandana/hair band and your kiddo is ready to jam. 

–Spider: Use that leftover faux webbing and wrap it all around (it stretches nicely so a little can go a long way). Toss in a few plastic spiders and you’ve got it made.

–Emoji: Using just posterboard and some yellow, black or brown paint, depending on which emoji you want to emulate, you can paint your own. You can either tape the emoji to the shirt or loop it over the shoulders with string. 

–Ballerina: That old leotard and tutu you held onto can go to good use on Halloween. 

–Lifeguard: A red bathing suit, sunglasses, whistle and even a red jacket for when it gets cold can make the perfect lifeguard costume. Use some packing tape to create the cross on the front of the suit. 

Celebrate Christmas in the beautiful outdoors at Western KY Botanical Garden

Grab the kiddos for a family-friendly event this weekend at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden—one of the prettiest places in the area!

This weekend, children, music and crafting can come together at the Botanical Garden’s Christmastime Music & Crafting experience. This event will give kids ages 2-6 a very special way to celebrate Christmas in an interactive way.

You can register for Christmastime Music & Crafting on two different dates. The first kicks off December 9 and the second on December 13. The event runs from 10-11 a.m. both days. The cost is $10 per child, and siblings under the age of 1 are free. You can register here or go to   

Children can participate and listen to a variety of nature-based music that includes all kinds of instruments and techniques. From guitars to wind chimes, kids can become immersed in the sounds played by musicians in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Everyone participating in these classes gets to interact with one another, sing songs, dance and celebrate all things nature!

On top of that, Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is hosting a Family Christmas Sing-Along on Saturday, December 11. This event includes hands-on music for the kiddos, hot chocolate, cookies and a number of other fun surprises!

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rebecca Samples will be present to lead the group in a number of Christmas carols and classic songs for this outdoor, cozy get together. Head to WKBG’s Garden Gazebo at 11 a.m. to take part in this annual holiday tradition! The event is free but $5 donations are appreciated. 

Best places to stargaze this summer

Stargazing is one of the great, naturistic pastimes that you just can’t get in a city. One of the great things about Owensboro, however, is that there are tons of great places to watch the stars in the night sky, and only a couple miles away from the heart of the city. 


For your best stargazing locations, you’ll need to find a place that’s away from the city lights. And only three miles away from downtown Owensboro is Yellow Creek Park


Though you’ll find a few rolling hills at Yellow Creek Park, much of the area is on the flatter side, making it the perfect place to see the vast night sky in all its glory. There are very few lights at Yellow Creek that would deter your vision as well.


Panther Creek Park is another great option for stargazing. Located only about five miles away from the city, there’s plenty of acreage and wide open space to get your best views of the stars. Just bring a blanket and a flashlight to navigate your walk, and you’re set for a night of amazing star, planet and constellation sightings. 


Ben Hawes Park is another great place to escape the city lights for a night under the blanket of stars. Located about three miles away from the city, Ben Hawes is one of the hillier locations on the list, so you can see the stars from a variety of perspectives. You can even see the stars from the famous Rudy Mines walking and biking trails, giving you an extra fun reason to get some exercise in. 


Diamond Lake Resort is another great place for stargazing. You can enjoy fishing, swimming and go-karts during the day, and treat yourself to a bonfire and a sky full of stars at night. Away from the city lights and tucked into a beautiful, naturistic landscape, Diamond Lake Resort is one of the best places to enjoy nature in all its mesmerizing beauty. 

Explore more than 25 parks across Owensboro-Daviess County

Our community has two amazing parks systems, which are reflected not only in the sheer number of parks we have across our city and county (28!), but in the beautification, acreage and athletic and leisure opportunities they provide for visitors.

Whether it’s golf, disc golf, fishing, hiking or biking you’re looking to do in the great outdoors, Owensboro’s parks have you covered.

You can find one of the prettiest golf courses in the area at Ben Hawes State Park.

You can play some incredible games of disc golf at Yellow Creek and Panther Creek Parks.

For those who want to cast their line in the lake, you can fish at Waymond Morris Park, Yewell Heritage Park, Yellow Creek Park, Panther Creek Park and Horse Fork Creek Park.

Some of the best hiking and biking trails can be found at Ben Hawes. The Rudy Mines Mountain Bike Trails include 7.5 miles of easy-to-intermediate mountain bike trails within the 298-acre park. But you can also enjoy some easy-to-hike trails at Joe Ford Nature Park, the Adkisson Greenbelt, Yellow Creek Park, Panther Creek Park, Legion Park and Moreland Park.

For those bringing their fur babies on the trip, a brand-new dog park at Legion Park is the perfect atmosphere for dogs and humans alike! Castlen Dog Park has areas for bigger and smaller dogs to play and roam separately, and you can let your pups run off some steam from 5 a.m.-10 p.m. each day of the week!

And maybe most importantly of all for those travelling with children – you’ve got to know where the nearest playground is. Here in Owensboro, you can find playgrounds nearby almost everywhere you go! To make it a little easier to navigate, here’s a list of all the parks with a playground:

Lazy Days Playground at Smothers Park

Legion Park

Moneta Sleet, Jr. Park

Chautauqua Park (plus a skate park)

English Park

Kendall Perkins Park

Old Germantown Park

Goose Egg Park

Moreland Park

Heartland Park

Thompson-Berry Park

York Park

Horse Fork Creek Park

Ben Hawes Park

Yellow Creek Park

Panther Creek Park


Elite Air Extreme Fun Center 10 a.m.

You’re about to make your kid’s day taking them to Elite Air Extreme Fun Center where you’ll find a trampoline park, two ninja warrior courses and a small climbing wall.

Pizza Time 1 p.m.

Have lunch at one our downtown pizza shops at Fetta Pizza or Mellow Mushroom.

Hotels 3 p.m.

Check in at the Hampton Inn and Suites Downtown Owensboro/Waterfront or the Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront. Both have indoor swimming pools.

Smothers Park 4 p.m.

There’s no greater downtown riverfront park than Smothers Park. Complete with one of the highest rated playgrounds in the world, it’s the perfect place to burn off some energy.

Family Dinner 6 p.m.

Grab dinner at Bar Louie or Moonlite BBQ buffet.

Fun Activity 8 p.m.

Time to head to VR Skills challenge, an indoor virtual reality mecca, or head to the Owensboro Escape Room and try some ax throwing.