Sports & Recreation

Sports Illustrated magazine designated Owensboro as Kentucky’s #1 Sportstown, making it one of the Top 50 in the United States.

We are nestled on the banks of the Ohio River between Evansville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. As a town of nearly 60,000 people, we boast outstanding sports complexes unmatched by cities much larger than ours. Owensboro offers two large championship baseball/softball complexes and a state-of-the-art, 4-field football complex. We also have two 10-field soccer complexes, a 5,000 seat indoor arena, a year-round ice arena, a year-round indoor sports facility, and numerous other indoor gymnasiums.

Our gravity racing track hosts the Owensboro Lions Club Soap Box Derby and other gravity races each year at Owensboro’s Ben Hawes Park. Ben Hawes Park also boasts the Rudy Mine Mountain Bike Trails which include single and double tracks for all skill levels of bikers, hikers and runners.

In the past 7 years Owensboro has hosted 29 national championships in baseball and softball. Owensboro also hosts numerous local and state tournaments.

We invite you to visit Owensboro and explore our sports and recreation offerings. We think you will discover what Sports Illustrated did – that Owensboro is one of the best places in the U.S. to play or watch Sports!