Smothers Park

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Veterans Boulevard, Owensboro, KY 42301

Smothers Park is located along the Ohio River in downtown Owensboro. The park contains three signature fountains and a cascading waterfall at the base of Frederica Street. The Charles Shelton Memorial, a monument to POW’s and MIA’s from all wars is located at the east end of the park. Lazy Dayz Children’s Playground and Spray Park is completely handicap-accessible and has won numerous national and international awards.

Walk along the promenade and enjoy watching the Ohio River or relax on one of the swinging metal benches. A concession stand and clean restrooms make this the perfect place to spend a day or evening. Many evenings and weekends during mild weather will feature free music or other entertainment at the Overlook (click on "calendar" on the upper right of this page to see a list of current events).

Your furry children are welcome to enjoy this 6-block riverfront oasis with you and bags are provided throughout the park to dispose of any "oops" from your pet. But please note that for safety reasons, only your human children are allowed in the spray park and no humans or pets of any age are permitted to wade in the fountains.

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

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25 Carter Road, Owensboro, KY 42301

With ten established gardens – Butterfly, Rose, Daylily, Iris, Herb, the Takahashi Japanese Memorial Garden, Luettgen Ericaceous, Ornamental Grass, Children’s Garden, and Fruit & Berry, - the garden is becoming a center for the growth and display of hundreds of outstanding plant selections as well as a beautiful location for social gatherings. Appreciate the wonders of the environment and learn to interact with nature. Special seasonal activities are enjoyed each year.

Meeting space and catering are available. Groups are welcome.

You can rent the entire Garden or any part for receptions, weddings, dinners, luncheons, meetings, reunions, parties, fundraisers and retreats. Additional amenities include catering service and the beauty of the Garden itself. For more information, contact Susie Tyler.

Spaces available include:

Garden Suite
Educational Classroom