Barbecue & Barrels Weekend- an incredible success story!

The Barbecue & Barrels event achieved remarkable success, boasting record-setting attendance and participation. It’s not just an event; it was a resounding success story!

Notably, this year saw a surge in attendance, with record numbers of church teams and food vendors, highest attended concert ever, all contributing to the excitement in the air. This year we tested the waters and in collaboration with Jeff Stumb from the Great Race, we added an invite only national car experience.  One highlight was a car valued at $2,000,000! This first year’s car show was a success and got the momentum rolling, with next year looking to double the number of participants.

Mark Calitri, president, Visit Owensboro said, “The true highlight was the bourbon component, which exceeded all expectations, rapidly establishing itself as one of the nation’s premier bourbon events. Western Kentucky Distillery chose this platform to unveil their highly anticipated seven-year product and Green River released its ‘BBQ and Barrels 2024’ bourbon.  Many distilleries leveraged the event’s momentum to perfection.”



The Visit Owensboro staff got it done!

We saw firsthand our dedicated staff, along with their supportive spouses, were fully committed to ensuring a seamless experience for guests. They consistently went above and beyond, demonstrating unparalleled hustle and commitment to our community. Their collective effort in welcoming guests, distributing Glencairn whiskey glasses, and assisting customers was key to the event’s success.


  The buzz and excitement around our event’s success underscores its growing influence and appeal, and our team will be looking to expand and enhance the event in 2025.


Headlines and highlights:


  • Following the electrifying Chris Janson concert, many businesses reported strong crowds including VFW, Brasher’s and Ten O Six.
  • Brew Bridge and Goodwood witnessed unprecedented foot traffic, with both reporting a complete sell-out of their craft beer inventory.
  • Sold out Green River Distillery dinner on Friday night.
  • Sold out exclusive dinner and tasting at Lure. Each dinner ticket was $350!


The result? An unforgettable experience for the community, coupled with a significant boost to the local economy.