Pub on Second Opening New Brewery in Owensboro

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about visiting Owensboro, and another one just got added to the list! Soon to be opening in February is our city’s second hometown brewery at the Pub on Second. 


The Pub on Second has spent the last few years operating as a local bar focused on craft beer, so it’s fitting that the Pub decided to begin brewing its own. 


With Matt Watson – of Henderson Brewing Company in Henderson, KY – as head brewer and co-owners Bill Brown and John Condray leading the brand new endeavor, it’s a guarantee that the Pub on Second will be developing some quality craft beer. 


The Pub has long been known for its selection of craft beer, supplying patrons with 28 craft beers on tap and a seemingly endless, ever-changing menu of craft beer in bottles and cans. 


As reported by the Owensboro Times, the Pub on Second plans on dedicating four taps to its in-house brewing, keeping the operation small and consistent with plenty of variety based on seasonal changes and feedback from customers.  


Eventually, the Pub on Second plans to expand its brewing venture by teaming up with a local restaurant in the area and operating in a larger space. But for now, the team will be brewing onsite, making the Pub on Second even more of a tourist attraction than it already is. 


The Pub on Second will serve as Owensboro’s second brewery following The Brew Bridge’s 2020 opening. Both locations are located in downtown Owensboro.