Briarpatch Salad Bar a Must-Have for Your Next Owensboro Visit

It’s inevitable that, over time, things go in and out of style. But one thing that has remained a solid fixture in Owensboro is the world-famous salad bar at Briarpatch Restaurant. 


Salad bars at local restaurants were a big deal for decades but, as time’s gone on, salads have largely been contained to their own bowls and served as a prelude to another lunch or dinner course. 


Not at Briarpatch, though. In fact, the restaurant’s soup and salad bar is so famous, people sometimes even opt out of ordering a full meal so they can enjoy everything the salad bar has to offer. 


With chilled plates and endless options to choose from, Briarpatch’s salad bar contains a full circle of lettuce, vegetables, meats, side items, cheeses and even desserts. If you like a little crunch in your salad, you can choose from 4-5 different croutons, seeds and other breaded bits. 


Be sure to try the soup too! Whether it’s the delicious Hoppin’ John or homemade vegetable soup, you’ll be warmed up from the first bite. 


Every item available at Briarpatch’s salad bar is top-notch quality. And, after 50 years of being in the business of making people happy, the staff at Briarpatch has continued to expand and evolve! In fact, a newly remodeled bar and private event space is a project everyone in Owensboro is excited about, and you should be too! 


While Briarpatch offers a ton of different options aside from the salad bar, you can enjoy the salad bar for free with the purchase of an entree. Click here to check out the restaurant’s delicious menu.