10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Owensboro

In today’s modern world, part of traveling includes finding the perfect setting for our Instagram pics. We’ve broken down the Top 10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Owensboro to make your search for that perfect picture a little easier! 


In no particular order, here are 10 spots that showcase the beauty, history and geography of our northwestern Kentucky city. 


  1. Overlook Stage bordering the Ohio River 


This spot gives you water views, and a cool awning that lights up at night. We recommend heading to Smothers Park in the evening for some of the prettiest views of the sunset glimmering over the water. 


  1. Kentucky Mosaic Mural 


This mural was completely reconstructed by local artist Gary Bielefeld. It’s comprised of thousands of reflective mirror pieces and is bordered by lights at night. Each region of Kentucky is showcased in this mural, and you can even see exactly where Owensboro is! 


  1. Owensboro Mural


This large mural can be found right across the street from the Kentucky Mosaic Mural on the east-facing side of the Visitor Center. 


  1. Banjo Picking Parlor 

You can show off on Instagram with photos or videos of you trying your hand at the banjo and mandolin! There are two picking parlors in Owensboro that are great for photos: One is located at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the other is located at Visit Owensboro’s Visitor Center. 


  1. Lazy Days Playground 


Named one of the top playgrounds in the world, you can take so many different photos at this awesome playground and park. Even better, you have views of the Ohio River in the background! 


  1. Color-Changing Bridge 


Owensboro’s downtown bridge got a major makeover in 2021, and it makes the perfect background for night time pictures. With color-changing lights, you can stand almost anywhere along the riverfront and get an amazing backdrop of the bridge behind you. 


  1. Trunnell’s Farm Market 

This setting is always beautiful, but if you visit Trunnell’s in the fall, you can take tons of amazing pictures in the blooming sunflower fields. There are over a million sunflowers that bloom each year!  


  1. Second Street


With two rows of historical buildings lining downtown Second Street, there are tons of opportunities for great Insta-worthy pics.


  1. Johnny Depp Mural 

For those who don’t know, actor Johnny Depp is from Owensboro! And, of course, we have a mural depicting many of the movies and roles he became so famous for. 


  1. Nicky Hayden Memorial 


Located right in front of the Owensboro Convention Center, this memorial was created to honor “The Kentucky Kid” – one of the greatest motorsports athletes of our time.