Best places to stargaze this summer

Stargazing is one of the great, naturistic pastimes that you just can’t get in a city. One of the great things about Owensboro, however, is that there are tons of great places to watch the stars in the night sky, and only a couple miles away from the heart of the city. 


For your best stargazing locations, you’ll need to find a place that’s away from the city lights. And only three miles away from downtown Owensboro is Yellow Creek Park


Though you’ll find a few rolling hills at Yellow Creek Park, much of the area is on the flatter side, making it the perfect place to see the vast night sky in all its glory. There are very few lights at Yellow Creek that would deter your vision as well.


Panther Creek Park is another great option for stargazing. Located only about five miles away from the city, there’s plenty of acreage and wide open space to get your best views of the stars. Just bring a blanket and a flashlight to navigate your walk, and you’re set for a night of amazing star, planet and constellation sightings. 


Ben Hawes Park is another great place to escape the city lights for a night under the blanket of stars. Located about three miles away from the city, Ben Hawes is one of the hillier locations on the list, so you can see the stars from a variety of perspectives. You can even see the stars from the famous Rudy Mines walking and biking trails, giving you an extra fun reason to get some exercise in. 


Diamond Lake Resort is another great place for stargazing. You can enjoy fishing, swimming and go-karts during the day, and treat yourself to a bonfire and a sky full of stars at night. Away from the city lights and tucked into a beautiful, naturistic landscape, Diamond Lake Resort is one of the best places to enjoy nature in all its mesmerizing beauty.