Experience the beauty of spring at Owensboro’s Dogwood-Azalea Trail

Starting in mid to late April each year, Owensboro-Daviess County becomes a sea of white and pink. The Dogwood trees begin sprouting beautiful flowers, and the blooms take over the entire area for at least a month.

In fact, Owensboro’s Dogwood trees have become so popular with tourists and locals, an entire trail throughout the city has become dedicated to them. Owensboro’s Dogwood-Azalea Trail brings the splashes of spring color that you’ve only ever seen in movies and photographs.

Though the trail meanders through much of the neighborhood off Griffith Avenue, some people say you can see the heart of the Dogwood-Azalea Trail on Littlewood Drive—a curvy road with beautiful homes and a grass-covered median that boasts dozens of Dogwoods and Azalea bushes along the way.

Other streets where you can see intense colors from the Dogwoods and Azaleas is between Frederica Street and Robin Road, Lexington Avenue and Miller Court.

But even if you don’t drive or walk the Dogwood-Azalea Trail while you’re here, there is a 100% guarantee you will see tons of pink and white Dogwood lining city sidewalks, county roads and neighborhoods all throughout the Greater Owensboro area. It’s truly a sight unlike anything you’ve seen before, so be sure to book a trip during the peak blooming season from April to early May.