Green River: The Whiskey Without Regrets

“The Whiskey Without Regrets” is an iconic slogan that sticks with you. And John W. McCulloch, Green River Distilling Company’s original founder, knew that better than anyone.

And that very slogan is still being used by Green River Distilling to this day.

Even better, McCulloch’s whiskey held up to its newfound slogan, as Green River Whiskey became synonymous with quality, known for producing some of the finest bourbon in the great state of Kentucky.

Known around the world for its quality, McCulloch’s whiskey took home many awards from all over the globe. Although McCulloch is gone, the whiskey he initiated remains of interest because of the artifacts he created. Recently, a blue and white mini-jug sold at auction for $1,025.   

An original watch fob is worth enough that it has been counterfeited.  In addition, there are thousands of other artifacts out there to remind us of the Kentucky colonel who gave us a wealth of items by which to remember him and Green River whiskey. 

You can see a collection of these artifacts at the Green River distillery today.

You can also see the slogan, “The Whiskey Without Regrets,” in giant letters on the side of the buildings as you walk into Green River, designed and painted by Green River Creative Director Aaron Kizer.