With over 700 different bourbons to try, The Miller House is well worth a trip to Owensboro

It’s no secret that, here in Kentucky, bourbon plays a huge role. The amber, barrel-aged whiskey is meshed deeply into our state’s history and it’s currently one of the top economic drivers across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Having your first bourbon is basically a rite of passage when you’re from the Bluegrass State.

Here in Owensboro, we appreciate, value, and have a special belief in a good selection of bourbon. And if you’re looking for the best selection, your first and most important stop has to be at The Miller House.

The Miller House boasts over 700 different bourbons.

This collection of bourbon has garnered the interest of both national and international bourbon advocates, publications, experts and distilleries. Most recently, The Miller House was named one The Bourbon Review’s Top 80 Bourbon Bars, a Top 10 Destination Whisky Bar with over 100 Whiskeys by the Whisky Advocate, as well as one of the Top 40 Whisky Bars in America.

Though The Miller House offers a full bar with a variety of specialty cocktails, beers and wine, the restaurant—and namely its attached bar, Spirits, located in the basement –is known best for its enormous bourbon collection. And that reputation is proudly displayed in the form of bourbon-stocked shelves lining a large portion of the basement walls. 

Customers who are interested can even become a member of The Miller House’s “100 Club,” which gives you a pretty legitimate reason/excuse to drink a lot of bourbon and expand your knowledge of it along the way by tasting at least 100 different varieties onsite. And if you have the endurance to get all the way there, your name is etched onto a plaque, and you get some other really fun prizes too! 

But prizes and bragging rights aside, drinking even just one bourbon in The Miller House basement is a genuinely unique experience you’ll never forget, and it’s a must when you visit Owensboro.