Silent Disco

Get ready for the latest unique party experience to hit Owensboro – the silent disco. 

Rather than using a traditional sound system, a silent disco involves party guests wearing specially designed wireless glowing headphones that switch between curated playlists for the event. Live DJ’s tailor their music to the crowds and whatever music gets them dancing. Silent discos are popular at music festivals and big cities, but they can create a party anywhere from a nightclub to a city street. 

See what all the buzz is about this Saturday, June 26 from 9 p.m. to midnight. Owensboro’s second free silent disco takes place along Second St. from Daviess St. to St. Ann, courtesy of Mile Wide Beer Co. and Louisville Silent Disco. This Saturday, three DJs will each play a different genre of music that guests can switch between using their headphones. Each channel will be color coded through the glowing headphones, so if you see a group having fun you can switch to their channel and join in. Typically, one channel is hip-hop, one is top 40 pop music, and the other is bluegrass or throwback music. The DJs will tailor their channel to whatever gets the crowd moving the most. 

As you walk up, Louisville Silent Disco will have a table with hundreds of headphones ready for guests and give instructions on how to use them. All you have to do is pick your station and jam out. Guests of any age can attend, but those over 21 are encouraged to grab a drink and enjoy the party at Mile Wide Beer Co. The best part is that it’s socially distant and doesn’t break any noise ordinances or disturb the neighbors, so you can have worry-free fun all night long.

Grab your friends, grab a beer, and catch a beat! Click here to visit the Mile Wide Beer Co. website.