Beer is Brewing in Owensboro

My family and I love to travel.  Whether it’s checking out a new attraction or restaurant- hiking or sight-seeing, one thing we always do is try to find a local brewery.  The best brew comes from craft brewers who source local ingredients to give their beer a unique spin reflecting the community they’re located in. In my humble opinion, the one thing Owensboro has always been missing is a craft brewery.  Think about it.  Owensboro has multiple places you can catch a show, a concert, or a random act of greatness. It’s got museums for every interest, incredible outdoor spaces to take a walk and indulge in nature.  It’s also got one of the oldest bourbon distilleries in the world in O.Z. Tyler Distillery which specializes in Kentucky crafted bourbon. But where can you get a good locally brewed beer? 

I’m pleased to share that the one thing Owensboro has been missing has been worth the wait.  The Brew Bridge officially opens July 10 and it’s everything I’ve hoped for and imagined. 

The space is uniquely Owensboro.  Local murals capturing Owensboro’s artsy vibes welcome you to the space.  So does the beer brewing equipment shown in plain sight reassuring you that your beer is fresh and is made right in front of you.  Bourbon barrels and wood paneled walls make the place feel like home.  The attention to detail includes painted blue beams that replicate Owensboro’s signature blue bridge.  Just outside the brewhouse is a patio fit for the perfect fall afternoon or summer evening.  It’s multilevel and prime for opportunity.  One of the friendliest faces in Owensboro greets you at the bar.  Jordan Patsalides is a bartending legend in the Owensboro area. And he’s the start of one of the friendly staff at this new brewery.

I want to talk about the story of The Brew Bridge.  It starts out with two local guys with one big dream.  Bring the first brewery to Owensboro in over 100 years.  Make it not just a brewery, but Owensboro’s brewery. A place you want to go hang out, have a laugh, share a story all while sipping on something special.  Two guys who took a historical building and worked night and day to make it a welcoming environment.  David and Max have already sacrificed a lot to bring Owensboro Escape Rooms, old school arcade, axe throwing and a rage room.  Did I mention those amenities are right next door to the brewery?  Hello beer for mom and dad.  Meet lots of activities for the kids.   

Now let’s talk about the most important thing, the beer.  A small brew system allows the folks at The Brew Bridge to constantly brew new beers.  If you go there one week, it’s very likely the beer menu will look completely different than the next.  Lots of styles, lots of options, my kind of place.  If you’re a light beer fan, this place is for you.  If you’re a dark beer fan, try here.  If you don’t know what kind of beer fan you are, you’ll find out, at The Blue Bridge.

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