Mark Calitri speaks tourism: Kentucky Tourism Industry Association President Hank Phillips talks Owensboro Kentucky

This fall Owensboro Kentucky was honored to host the Kentucky Tourism Industry Association Conference. KTIA president Hank Phillips described his experience in this video:

Mr. Phillips says Owensboro impresses visitors and they were stunned, in a positive way by what they saw.
Visit Owensboro earned three statewide awards for excellence. Mr. Phillips said, “Out of state judges saw quality, importance of subject matter”.
He lavished praise on Visit Owensboro for raising the bar and hiring top quality associates. Dave Kirk continues to grow, shows enthusiasm and expertise. Emerging leaders become the leaders in our industry. Dave is primed to move from emerging to leader!
Our industry mimics our customers, folks like to have fun, but it’s a serious business.
This is a relationship business, knowing our colleagues around the state creates strong alliances.
Owensboro delivered the serious side of the business and offered up a lot of fun.
Visit Owensboro is the official destination marketing organization for Owensboro and Daviess County Kentucky.
Mark Calitri serves as President/CEO.