Best Hot Chocolate in Owensboro

The holiday season is speeding on and Owensboro continues to grow colder.  Now is the perfect time to test out some of the area’s finest hot chocolate and find the perfect cup to cure your winter blues!


The Cremé Coffee Shop

As a chocolate lover and coffee shop connoisseur, I have to say The Créme is my go-to spot when I’m looking for comfort food in a cup.  Get your hot chocolate classic and steamy with the option of adding whipped cream and chocolate or caramel drizzle.  Try their frozen hot chocolate too if you’re looking for a twist!  Even during harsh winter weather this drink is tempting. For hot chocolate that’s decadent and all-around delicious, The Créme is the way to go!



Starbucks hot chocolate is a fan favorite.  Complete with the classic whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, any regular Starbucks goer can tell you this is a tried and true recipe. Vanilla and mocha syrups added to the milk make for the perfect chocolately taste, combined with the famous Starbucks whipped cream. At under $3 for a tall cup, you can’t go wrong.


Dunkin’ Donuts

As the most inexpensive cup of hot cocoa on the list, I have to give Dunkin’ Donuts some credit.  Despite reviews being hit or miss, it always comes out piping hot and with lots of whipped cream. It’s a bit on the thinner side and super sweet, but sweet and chocolately is what you came for right? If that’s how you like your cup of hot chocolate, Dunkin’ Donuts delivers with a steal of a price.



Panera’s Signature Hot Chocolate is one of the more extravagant cups of cocoa to receive.  If you choose, your hot chocolate can be decked out in whipped cream, chocolate chip marshmallows, and salted caramel drizzle. Um, yes please.  A reliable cup of cocoa plus all the toppings you could want makes for a pretty delicious cup of hot chocolate when you’re feeling indulgent!


You might just have to do some research of your own around town, but who would complain? For a complete list of coffee shops in Owensboro, click here!