Visit Owensboro is leading the charge for new sports development

“Owensboro Kentucky has been given a look into the crystal ball and the future begins today,” said Mark Calitri, President/CEO of Visit Owensboro.

 In 2018, the Owensboro Daviess County Convention and Visitors Bureau released a study it had commissioned on the community need for sports facilities.

Pinnacle Sports of Louisville recommended that the infields of the Jack. C. Fisher Park be replaced with artificial turf and that a 60,00-square-foot indoor sports facility be built.

“We have three new hotels opening soon so now is the time to bring stakeholders together to develop the demand generators that Owensboro desperately needs,” said Calitri.

“Owensboro was once the leader in amateur sports in Kentucky and was designated in 2004 by Sports Illustrated as ‘The Best Sportstown in Kentucky’. Since then other communities have been building bigger and better venues. We are at a crossroads now and need to decide as a community, are we ok with what we are currently doing, or do we want to move forward and once again be the best place to play sports in Kentucky,” said Jared Bratcher, Visit Owensboro, Sports Director.  

According to Mark Faust, international business consultant and turnaround expert, do you have the “ADDING VALUE FOCUS?” There is only one secret to business, ADD MORE VALUE!

Faust recommends reminding your team that leadership in frigid economies is not just the responsibility of just those at the top; it is a responsibility of everyone throughout the organization, a mission they must take up together and vigorously and constantly be asking themselves and your customers about how your company can create more value.

“We must continue to provide value to our sports clients or they will leave! It’s already happening now! Adding this value is going to take a team of committed community leaders and now is the time to come together,” added Calitri.


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