Sharing ROMP Fest With The World

This week, our community will open its arms to visitors from all over the United States, and the world, for ROMP Fest. The four day music festival at Yellow Creek Park is an exhilarating highlight to start off the summer. The line-up this year has something for everyone. New artists bursting on the scene, those who are becoming established names and the ones we will watch with nostalgia — there really will be something for everyone.

Every year, I am amazed at the tapestry of people that we meet over those four days. They really do come from all over.

Is this good for local business? Of course. Do hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and groceries all see an uptick in activity? You bet. ROMP has a tremendous economic impact. But on a bigger level, we show the world why Owensboro was voted as one of the best small towns in the USA. We truly are a town that is known for its hospitality. There is a warmth and willingness to help visitors which we hear about frequently from both newcomers and those considering moving here.

As a parent of a college student, I am personally grateful to have something that my daughter’s friends want to travel from around the country to attend. We may not have the beaches of California or the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, but we have a back porch where we will see hot air balloons rising up over the tree line on Saturday night. Afterward, we will take a 15 minute drive where great food, lifelong friendships and great tunes are anticipating our arrival.

Where else can you do this, but in OBKY?

Roll out your red carpet this week. Welcome our visitors, encourage your neighbors to pack up and head out to Yellow Creek Park. If you have not been, you will be amazed. And if you have been, well, you know.