Wheatgrass Juice Bar

Walking in, the first thing I noticed was the smell, a combination of fruit and fresh cut grass that invites you in and puts you in a relaxed frame of mind.

Wheatgrass Juice Bar may have started out as Shauna Jones’ small dream in Nona’s Downtown Market, but in two short years it has quickly expanded and outgrown its modest origins. Now located off of KY 54, Wheatgrass Juice Bar stays busy with loyal customers all week long.

Wheatgrass Juice Bar is located off KY 54 at B7, 3115 Commonwealth Court.

Wheatgrass Juice Bar is located off KY 54 at B7, 3115 Commonwealth Court.

With an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s no surprise why so many people keep coming back. Shauna lovingly refers to her place as a “holistic oasis.” The more I learned about how she got started and the products she serves, the more I realized there wasn’t a better description out there that fits.

Wheatgrass came to fruition when Shauna was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started looking into juicing as a way to combat her symptoms. As she puts it, “I started juicing and I was amazed at how much better I felt.”

She decided she would take this newfound passion and start her own small business helping others feel better too. The fact that Shauna even has time to juggle Wheatgrass with everything else she has going on is quite incredible.

A mom of two, Shauna also works with the schools to educate them on nutrition all while also managing her own programs teaching dance and dance therapy to kids and those with special needs. It’s clear Shauna’s passion is nutrition education. Don’t believe me? Just ask about what goes into making a smoothie or juice.


Don’t have time to pick it up? They’ll deliver it for you!

Almost all of the ingredients going into the food, juices and smoothies at Wheatgrass Juice Bar are local. Most of the products come from Cecil Farms and Always Sunny Farms and are completely organic. Or as Shauna refers to it, “clean eating” meaning that everything is vegan and all around good for you.

Not to mention everything there is made fresh to order, which means you can add or subtract whatever you want. My favorite overheard order of the day went a little something like this, “I’ll have the 20-ounce Incredible Hulk with protein and light on the fruit.” By the way, that order contains 74 percent of your needed daily iron intake (and it’s delicious to boot)!

Some of the organic ingredients you'll find in your juice.

Some of the organic ingredients you’ll find in your juice.

Standing at the counter chatting with Shauna I was amazed how many people walked in with upbeat and positive attitudes. In my experience people typically want to get in, get their food and get out, but Shauna’s customers all seemed more than happy to stop and chat. I attribute this to how much passion Shauna and her staff have for healthy eating. Every customer I chatted with told me how hooked they were on Wheatgrass Juice Bar’s smoothies and juices…especially the green lemonade.

Haven’t tried Wheatgrass Juice Bar yet? You can check them out at the location off KY 54, every Saturday down at the Farmers Market or every Wednesday out at the hospital.

Tell them we sent you, and if you’re brave, try out an Incredible Hulk!