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Photo from backstage at ROMP 2012 Visiting Owensboro and the surrounding area appeals to bluegrass fans for many reasons. Some travel here for Bill Monroe’s high lonesome sound, while others bring instruments to play at informal jam sessions. That is not unusual in a town where bluegrass is played, and welcomed, just about anywhere. Check out Owensboro’s Bluegrass Culture.
MINWS 8-23 overall new From our signature barbecued mutton and burgoo to our ties to the roots of bluegrass music, Owensboro is the culinary and cultural hub of western Kentucky. Check out how these elements come together to make The Perfect Recipe.
bbq festival Barbecued mutton is one food that distinguish Daviess County barbecue from other areas.  The region’s unique style of pit barbecue features vinegar-based sauces mopped over the meat during a lengthy smoking process.  The result is a delicious, tangy, and very tender meat featured festivals and picnics all summer.
Burgoo is a Daviess County barbecue original. Burgoo is a stew made from mutton, other barbecues meats and vegetables. Each barbecue restaurant and parish cooking team has their own secret recipe and burgoo-making traditions.