Hilliard Lyons Bridge Run

October 1, 2016 @ 7:00 am
Glover Cary Bridge thru Downtown Owensboro
$20 Advance Registration
(812) 589-9982
Hilliard Lyons Bridge Run @ Glover Cary Bridge thru Downtown Owensboro

Hilliard Lyons Bridge Run

October 1, 2016 – 7 am

The Blue Bridge will be closing at 7am on October 1 for the start of the annual Hilliard Lyons Bridge Run. This year, the Bridge Run has a new course as a one-way 10-mile run that will begin at the Reo Drive-In Theater in Indiana and finish along Veterans Blvd in downtown Owensboro. Runners may park in downtown Owensboro and board busses in front of the Hampton Inn and Suites downtown which will take them to the start line in Reo, Indiana.

Advanced registration is available for just $20 for a limited time for this unique 10 mile run on a closed course along Highway 161.

At the conclusion of the run, approximately 9 am,  the bridge will reopen for pedestrians to enjoy Bridge Day with a walk, stroll or bike ride across the Blue Bridge until the Owensboro Air Show which begins along the Downtown Riverfront at 1 pm.

Visit http://hilliardlyonsbridgerun.com or Facebook at Hilliard Lyons Bridge Run.