See Aaron Kizer Art Gallery at Visit Owensboro’s Headquarters

You may not know it, but at Visit Owensboro’s very own headquarters is our city’s first art gallery dedicated entirely to local artists! 


The Aaron Kizer Art Gallery was developed and designed by the artist himself and it currently showcases a number of the famous artist’s pieces. It was implemented as a part of Visit Owensboro’s recent remodel, with the intention of highlighting our city’s rich artistic history along with our core staples of bluegrass, bourbon and barbecue. 


Kizer has become famous across the nation for his innovative artistic style, and he plans to showcase other local artists in the future by curating a rotating gallery that features their works as well. 


You can visit our office to see Kizer’s art gallery Monday-Friday from 8:30-4 p.m. Visit Owensboro is located at 215 East 2nd Street.