Owensboro Music Business Expo Will Change the Game for Those Seeking Careers in Music

For anyone and everyone trying to break into the music business, it can be a long, tough, seemingly impossible process. And that is why Owensboro is hosting an exciting new event to help make your dreams come true. 


The Owensboro Music Business Expo (OMBE) is a brand new event that will be held at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum for three days on April 13-15, 2023. There are SO many reasons you should be excited for this debut, so let’s break them all down right here. 


First off, the OMBE is being launched by successful, world-famous musician Adam Gaynor, formerly of the multi-Grammy-nominated band Matchbox Twenty. Gaynor played rhythm guitar for the band for years, helping them to sell over 40 million albums. If anybody knows the ins and outs of breaking into the music biz, it’s Gaynor. 


The OMBE will be “super informative for anyone looking to break into the music business, develop improved marketing skills to build their brand, or even have their music evaluated by accomplished industry professionals,” Gaynor said. “This is the real deal … and this is going to be a great deal of fun.” 


You’ll also get the chance to meet some of the biggest names in the music business at the OMBE! Award-winning songwriters, composers and influencers will be onsite to share their experiences with independent artists. Attendees will benefit from this one-of-a-kind experience through innovative seminars, workshops, panels, showcases and exhibits regarding both the business and creative sides of the ever-changing music industry. 


According to OMBE Co-Founder Francine Marseille, “The OMBE will provide the tools and resources needed to succeed, while also providing an epic experience in a more intimate setting than events such as South by Southwest or NAMM.” 


As Gaynor noted, he was intrigued by Marseille’s request to collaborate after looking at a map of the US and noticing how many different states bordered Kentucky. 


“What an amazing opportunity for artists, musicians and even young entertainment lawyers to converge on the great city of Owensboro,” he said. “[Attendees can] learn a lot, mingle, see new technology and, most importantly, share all of those ‘insider’ secrets no one helped me with back in the day.” 


Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum Executive Director Chris Joslin said his facility serves as the perfect backdrop for such an event. 


“Even though the Expo covers all music genres, our venue tells the story of the bluegrass music industry, and we’re excited to share that tale with a whole new audience,” Joslin said. 


The OMBE will focus on topics that include branding, setting goals, legal contracts, protecting your music, royalties, new technology, strategies, starting your own label, songwriting, marketing, promotion and advertising, distribution, booking and impressing promoters, coaching and mentoring, TV and film placement, networking, special ams, performances and hangouts in the OMBE cafe and exhibits with brands, services and more. 


You can register for the Owensboro Music Business Expo right here! Tickets are $149 and special hotel rates will be available for attendees and exhibitors.