Owensboro Expecting Record-Breaking Turnout for 2023 Jeeps and Jamz Expo

There are people who love their cars and trucks, but there’s an even bigger group of people who LOVE their Jeeps, which is why Owensboro will be hosting the first-ever Jeeps and Jamz Expo this year for all the Jeep enthusiasts across the country! 


Held for two days on May 19 and 20 2023 at the Owensboro Convention Center, Jeeps and Jamz will bring together hundreds, if not thousands, of Jeep owners and enthusiasts for two days of live music, car shows, city-wide discounts and deals, tons of vendors, off-roading events and after-parties. 


Hosted by the Owensboro Offroad Jeepers, this event is expected to be one for the record books. 


And that’s not an exaggeration. According to Friday After 5 Executive Director Fran Marseille, she’s already made a phone call to the Guinness Book of World Records as the Jeeps and Jamz Expo is predicted to bring the longest convoy of Jeeps to the state of Kentucky. 


The Jeeps and Jamz Expo will coincide with Friday After 5’s opening night on May 19 – also referred to as City Night, which will make the event even more exciting for everyone attending. A FA5 After Party will be free fun for everyone at Jeeps and Jamz.  


Owensboro is the perfect place for an event like this, Marseille added, because many of the big Jeep conventions are held in states like Florida, and “a lot of people can’t afford to go.” 


“I told Guinness, ‘We are working hard to bring tourism back,’ and this event shows the world that Owensboro is a great place to travel to.” 


You can learn more about the inaugural Jeeps and Jamz Expo right here.