Where to find healthy food options in Owensboro

Healthy food options can be difficult to find, but here in Owensboro, we’re home to a lot of restaurants focused on the greener things in life. 


From homegrown vegetables to salads to juices that help you detox, you can find anything and everything in our city to live a healthy lifestyle.  


One of the original health food stores in Owensboro, Gene’s Health Food offers a ton of natural supplements, organic produce and fresh, healthy food. You can order everything from their famous tuna sandwich to Curry Chicken Salad to homemade peanut butter. And if you’re looking for a fresh veggie or fruit juice to drink, Gene’s has it all. 


The Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market is another great way to pick up some healthy food during your stay. You can shop from dozens of vendors each Saturday and Tuesday from 8 a.m.-noon through September. Not only can you find all the fresh fruit and veggies you could ask for, but you can find prepackaged healthy food items and farm-raised meats as well. 


A new health food restaurant in Owensboro, The Boro Nutrition offers herbal teas, metabolism boosting drinks, healthy shakes and even “Aloe Shots” that help support healthy digestion and nutrition absorption. 


Another great place to pick up a healthy drink is Wheatgrass Juice Bar, where all products are made-to-order from fresh ingredients. This restaurant offers chef-crafted soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps along with a variety of juices, smoothies and wheatgrass and ginger shots.