Visit Owensboro’s historic Rudy Mine Trails for hiking and biking

One of Owensboro’s most famous hiking and biking trails, the Rudy Mine Trails are also full of incredible, historic relevance. The parking lot and trailhead is located at the old George H. Rudy Mines and Saw Mill!

Located in west Daviess County as part of Ben Hawes State Park, the Rudy Mine Trails for hiking are comprised of three looped trails that interconnect, giving hikers four miles of easy-to-moderate trails to explore.

For mountain bikers, the Rudy Mine Trails are a little longer, and a little more difficult. Designed “by mountain bikers for mountain bikers,” these scenic trails are 8.2 miles long and comprised of amazing terrain.

A 2012 revitalization project between the City of Owensboro, Owensboro Parks & Recreation, and the Kentucky Mountain Biking Association has been a major success for the Rudy Mines Trails.

The entire family can enjoy a hike along the Yellow Trail – a safe pathway without big hills, but still adventurous enough for great speed and flow. With plenty of road connectors along the way, you can always exit the trail if needed, but the scenic beauty surrounding the trail makes it hard to bail.

Beginning bikers can take the 2.5-mile Green Trail, and advanced bikers can take the Green Trail to the Blue Trail – a 6.5-mile loop that was designed for intermediate bikers. The Green Trail connects to the Blue Trail along the way.

Hikers and bikers alike have been known to find tons of frogs, butterflies, hummingbirds and plant life on the Rudy Mine Trails, making it a great outdoor experience for the entire family.

To get to the Rudy Mine Trails, just take Highway 60 West past the Ben Hawes State Park entrance and to Overstreet Road, where you’ll find the parking lot.