OMG!Con bringing cosplay, gaming and anime to Convention Center in June

OMG!Con is returning to the Owensboro Convention Center this summer, bringing you all the cosplay, gaming and nerding out you could ask for.

Running June 24-26 this year, OMG!Con has been held in Owensboro for the last several years, bringing a huge turnout of visitors to our area for previous conventions.

This year’s OMG!Con will include several special celebrity guests, including Greg Ayres, who has over 376 voice acting and production credits to his name. Director, actor, voice actor and scriptwriter Micahel Sinterniklaas will also make an in-person appearance at this year’s Con.

Other guests slated to appear at OMG!Con 2022 include Fighting Dreamers Production – a cosplay group from Vancouver, along with a number of other well-known cosplayers and actors.

New to this year’s convention, OMG!Con attendees will have the chance to check out an amazing lineup of Japanese video games that have never been sold in America. According to the organization’s Facebook page, some of the “best, worst and weirdest games Japan got that we didn’t” will be available to play at OMG!Con’s huge video game room.

Attendees can also enjoy outdoor boffer games, a weekend dance party, and tons of entertainment throughout the three-day event.

You can pre-register for OMG!Con 2022 right here! Tickets are $50 during renegotiation and $55 at the door.