Owensboro restaurants serving food from all over the world

Owensboro is undergoing an evolution in the restaurant industry, and that is something to get very excited about. While Owensboro has always been known for its impressive lineup of culinary treasures, the growing diversification of restaurants and food options in our city is something that should definitely be on your radar when planning your trip.

It wasn’t until recently that the first Thai restaurant opened in Owensboro, and it didn’t take long to become one of the local favorites around here. Thai Food Owensboro has a wide range of dishes to choose from and a frequently changing menu, so you always have the chance to try something new! From their Thai Noodle Soup to their Chicken Curry entree, you can find the sweet, the spicy, and the savory on this delicious menu.

The Gyro House is another new restaurant offering a diverse menu in Owensboro, and it’s received rave reviews from almost everybody who’s tried it. The Gyro House is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves falafels, gyro, beef and chicken platters, and something called a Tornado Potato, which, let’s be honest, sounds like a lot more fun than french fries!

A few miles beyond Owensboro city limits is yet another new restaurant that’s making waves–both with its food and its backstory. Owensboro Karen Restaurant serves Burmese and Thai cuisine and was opened by chef Hser Wah. She and her family are members of the Karen (KAH-ren) ethnic group of Myanmar, which was called Burma until 1989.

Hser Wah and her sister Tee Moo resettled in Owensboro in 2010 before opening their restaurant, which serves dishes ranging from Pad Thai, to noodle stir fry, to tea leaf salad, making it the perfect place to try some authentic recipes from the Southeastern Asian country.

Owensboro is also home to dozens of authentic Mexican restaurants that can be found all over the city and county, with dishes ranging from street tacos, to enchiladas, to homemade soups. You can also find a handful of traditional Japanese and Chinese eateries that offer everything from sushi to hibachi.

But since we’re focusing on some of the newer restaurants in our city, Bubba Gandy Seafood Cajun Market makes the list of diverse food options as well. Serving a wide variety of fresh seafood, prepared foods, Cajun seasonings, homemade dips and boiled platters, you can also find some of the best jambalaya, chicken and sausage gumbo, dirty rice and crawfish cornbread dressing in the state at this amazing seafood establishment.

As Owensboro’s only location for authentic Caribbean cuisine, Jamaican Yard Vibes offers tons of Jamaican dishes, including jerk chicken, curry goat and mutton, stewed chicken, rasta pasta and more.