Top 3 Things to Do in Owensboro This Weekend: March 4-6

Owensboro Burger Week   

It’s finally here, and we hope you’re as ready as we are! This week, it’s all about the burgers. With over 30 different restaurants participating in this year’s Owensboro Burger Week, you’ve got more to try and taste than last year, and these burger choices are looking better than ever. From breakfast burgers, to pizza burgers, to barbecue-inspired burgers, to vegetarian burgers—we’ve got it all, and every burger is only $7 from March 1-5. Check out a list of participating restaurants at, and take at least three photos of different burgers using the hashtag Owensboroburgerweek to be entered to win some amazing prizes. If there’s ever been an excuse to eat as many burgers as possible, this is it, so come hungry!

Stairway to Schumann  

You may have heard of a rock opera, but a rock symphony? Well, you’re about to. In one of the most unique performances of the year, the Owensboro Symphony will bring you “Stairway to Schumann,” fusing rock with orchestra to create an experience fused with inspiring and iconic music. Troy Quinn and his team of musicians will perform Led Zepplin’s masterpiece, “Stairway to Heaven,” along with Schumann’s legendary Fourth Symphony. Blending these two different styles of music is a feat in and of itself, and there’s no group better at exceeding challenges than the Owensboro Symphony. The show kicks off on March 5 at 7 p.m. and tickets are $42. 

Jonah Leatherman Live   

Musician Jonah Leatherman and his band are bringing all the rock music you could ask for to Brasher’s Lil’ Nashville on Saturday, March 5 from 9:30-midnight. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Jonah Leatherman band released its first album last year and has been heavily influenced by artists such as Tom Petty and the Black Crowes. Jonah Leatherman’s music is a blend of blues-based rock and roll, so be sure to head to downtown Owensboro this weekend to check them out!