Hundreds of archers from across country heading to Owensboro for national championship

Some of the best youth archers in the country will come together for a one-of-a-kind event that will bring hundreds of archers and their families to Owensboro. The Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) organization is holding its 7th annual S3DA Eastern Indoor National Championship at the Owensboro Convention Center March 3-6 for some exciting tournament play.

Students will compete against S3DA members from across the country for the title of “National Indoor Champion” in their respective divisions.

This competition is “NFAA Five-Spot Style,” which includes two rounds of 30 arrows and six shooting ends of five arrows each. These shots will be contested over a two-day period.

The S3DA program is super beneficial to youth who have an interest in indoor target, 3D and outdoor target archery. The program also fosters, educates and guides youth on ethical bowhunting practices.

According to officials with S3DA, participation for this growing sport is expected to increase even more than it already has.

“We provide an effective after-school archery program, focusing on indoor five-spot, 3D and outdoor target archery, and the certification and tools to deliver the instructions to youth,” the organization says. “As a result, S3DA expects to see increased participation in 3D and target archery by youth and parent archers using compound bows and traditional archery equipment, while also helping to increase participation at the local, state and national archery events.”

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come out and see this archers compete! Competitions will run all day from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.