Head to Owensboro for your next cozy date night

Owensboro is famous for a lot of things, but one thing on our radar this week is what a great place it is for a cozy date night. And because it’s still cold outside, cozy—for now—means indoors.

But being cozy is about more than escaping the frigid wind. It’s about ambience, the soft glow of a flickering candle, comfortable booths and chairs where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy spending time with your loved one.

While The Miller House is famous for its food and three-story dining experience, it’s also famous for its super cozy basement. On the bottom floor, there’s just enough tables to keep your conversations from being overheard while also giving you the space and privacy you hope for when out with your loved one. With low lighting and over 700 different bourbons to choose from, you’ll find yourself warmer and cozier than you ever thought possible in a basement.

There are several other restaurants that provide that warm and fuzzy atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting the candles, including Niko’s Italian Restaurant, Famous Bistro and, for those who’ve mastered the art of watching the game on TV when their significant other isn’t looking, Bar Louie and Drake’s.

After dinner, you might want to grab drinks at a bar. But for a cozy date night, you’re not looking for loud music and crowded dance floors, right?


No worries, because you can cuddle up in comfortable booths and enjoy an inviting, intimate atmosphere at the Pub on Second (as well as amazing, handcrafted martinis and all the craft beer you could ask for).

And at SIP Wine Room, you can enjoy each other while overlooking the Ohio River. They also offer a variety of beer and mixed drinks. If you’re in the market for locally-crafted beer, The Brew Bridge has all of that and more, as well as private, outdoor seating areas that are heated.

Malco Owensboro Cinema Grill & MXT is the perfect place for a cozy date night, with comfortable, reclining chairs, an impressive food and drink menu, and an ever-changing lineup of amazing movies to watch on the big screen.

And for those who appreciate the arts, Owensboro has date night covered. Theatre Workshop of Owensboro (TWO) puts on some of the best local plays in Kentucky, and you can see that for yourself at either the Trinity Centre or TWO’s Empress Theatre—both of which are cozy, intimate places to catch a show.