Best places to sled in Owensboro

On the heels of our city’s first big snow event this year, we think it’s time to talk about sledding! 

Where to get your best sledding experience in Owensboro is something all the locals know about, but for visitors, it might be more challenging to find that perfect place to slide down the snow-covered grass. So we’re here to help! 

In the city, there’s no doubt that Chautauqua Park is the ultimate sledding site. By far the most popular and well known hills are located at 900 Baseline Road, where you can find families, friends and children of all ages whooshing down the slope that’s commonly referred to as “Chautauqua Hill.” This hill is wide enough to let several people sled at once, and it’s steep enough to give you top-notch speed on the way down. Generations of families have gone sledding at Chautauqua Park for the fun experience. 

But for those who want a little more space (as Chautauqua can get crowded when the snow’s just right), Ben Hawes State Park is where it’s at. Located just beyond the city limits on the west end of Daviess County, Ben Hawes has multiple hills at varying heights that are perfect for a good sled ride! And with different slopes to choose from, kids of all ages can get in on the fun. 

Another good sledding spot is at The Summit, located at 6501 Summit Drive. At this east Daviess County golf course and country club, there are plenty of snow-covered hills to get your sled on during the off-season. 

One other place that’s got you covered for sledding is Yellow Creek Park, located at 5710 KY-144. As you drive into the park, you might think it’s not fit for sledding as the entryway is pretty flat. But once you drive into the heart of the park, there are a couple of hills that are perfect for sledding and snow tubing. Just park your car and take a short stroll on the park’s walkway to find yourself at the top of a hill that’s just calling to be sled down.