White Chateau offering live wreath-making workshop in November

There’s absolutely nothing like the smell of an authentic wreath or Christmas tree during the winter holidays. Whether it’s pine, balsam, fir or spruce, there’s something super special and nostalgic about that magical, outdoorsy scent that reminds one of childhood, a family ski trip, your first time hanging ornaments on a newly-lit tree.


That’s why we’re obsessed with White Chateau’s upcoming event – a live wreath-making workshop with KatieAnn Flowers.


Held on Wednesday, November 24 from 6-8 p.m., this workshop will guide you through the ins and outs of making your very own wreath. Participants will use fresh-cut greens and other natural foraged materials to design their wreath, and all materials needed will be supplied at the venue. The base wreath will be provided as well.


According to Suzanne Cecil White, owner of White Chateau, up to 40 participants can be part of this year’s live wreath making workshop.


“Katie goes out and forages many of the materials we use for this event,” White said. “It will consist of many fresh cuts from our farms. She does a great job sharing her gift of floral design with others.”


White added that there will be plenty of ribbon to choose from onsite, but that participants are welcome to bring and use any materials from home that fit their aesthetic.


And while it might sound difficult to make your own wreath, White said it’s easier than you think.


“I would say that wreath-making can be done by anyone,” she said. “This event offers the opportunity for guidance and hot tips that really make a wreath stand out and be truly appealing to the eye. As with anything, there are always expert and insider tips that make a difference in the final product.”


White said last year’s event resulted in a variety of talent levels, and that she herself was considered a “beginner.”


No matter which level of wreath-making you’re at, this event is meant to be a fun time, and a great opportunity to connect with others in a beautiful environment with beautiful company.


And even better, these wreaths will last you through the entire holiday season, so you’ll be getting wafts of that nostalgic, cozy, heartwarming scent all the way through December.  


Be sure to get your tickets for White Chateau’s Live Wreath Making Workshop before they sell out!