Lacy Green – The Nashville Singer

Lacy Green is a talented Nashville-based singer/songwriter being featured in the upcoming event at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Lacy is one of three artists that will perform in the monthly writer’s round called “The Nashville Songwriter”. This month’s event will take place on March 18 at 7 p.m. and will also feature artists Madison Lewis and Adam Wood. Click here to purchase tickets now.


Green, who’s participated in countless writers rounds in Nashville, says this type of show is exciting and much different from a typical concert. “What’s really cool about these kinds of shows is not only the intimacy and getting to hear the song right where it started, but you also get insight into how a song is written,” says Green. It’s exciting for both the writers and the audience to sit in a more personal setting and hear the stories of how a song goes from being written in your bedroom to being put on a record.


Lacy Green says she’s loved writing, reading, and music her whole life, so songwriting was the perfect intersection of all her interests. Green says she first started writing poems at age eight before picking up the guitar at twelve and beginning to put together songs. “When I started, they were really terrible,” says Green, laughing. “it’s been a learning process ever since.”


When it comes to songwriting in Nashville, there are two sides to it. Artistry and business. “Once you’ve hopped off the plane or unpacked your U-Haul, you go out and start planting seeds, making connections,” says Green. “sometimes it’s really complicated and convoluted and other times it’s just as simple as you’re sitting in a bar one night and somebody hears something and says ‘hey, I love that song!’’’ Songwriting is a business that involves collaboration, creativity, and hard work, but Green says each song has its own journey that makes the process special.


One spot in Nashville you could find Lacy Green at on any given week is the Bluebird Café. Green says the iconic listening room is “hands down” her favorite place in Nashville and a special place for anybody that loves songwriting. The Bluebird Café has gained international recognition as a songwriter’s performance space which has seen iconic chart-topping songs across all genres. “One thing that’s great about it is how unchanged it is even as it has become well known,” says Green. “It’s humble and it’s magical. You can feel the legacy of great songs.”


Lacy performs a song called “Something Worth Singing About” which she released with her band The Wonderful Nobodies earlier last year. “I wrote this song on a random Tuesday when I thought I had nothing to say,” said Lacy, “it might be small, but there’s always something worth singing about, something beautiful.” Click here to watch the full interview and get a sneak peak of what next week’s performances will be like!