Make Owensboro Your Safe Haven

Safe Havens are places of refuge or security.  Refuge is described as a destination to flee to in order to get away from people or places that are unsafe.  Safety is certainly an important topic with regard to COVID-19.

To many, Owensboro is a Safe Haven.  It’s like your beloved teddy bear as a kid.  It’s warm, comforting and is there for you when you’re scared.  It also gives you a sense of familiarity and security.

Owensboro is open and is ready welcome you back or introduce you for the first time.  It’s brand of bluegrass, bourbon and bbq is comfort itself. 

Small town.  Big city amenities.  A place where you can go.  A place where you can stay.  During unfamiliar times, visit a place with familiar feelings.

Make Owensboro Your Safe Haven.