What will Owensboro’s ‘flag’ be?

When Andrew Davis spoke to the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 5, he advised community leaders to find a “flag” that they could rally around to promote the community.

Should it be bluegrass, bourbon, barbecue or something else?

“Why are we doing this?” Mark Calitri, CVB president, asked. “The answer is simple. If we do this well, it means an enormous economic impact to Daviess County and helps improve the quality of life for our residents.”

He said that in Davis’ study, “Towns that staked a unique claim and followed his success formula pumped in $2.9 billion more into their economies.”

Calitri said, “Looking at where our community is and where we should be going, the question to uncover is what is the greatest influence in determining our economic future? Andrew Davis has given us the recipe for success by staking our unique claim. It’s not about choosing one over others. It’s about choosing one to lift all others.”

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