Support Now So They’ll Be Open Later

We will all wish we could go eat at our favorite restaurant right now.  Get a drink at our favorite bar.  Meet friends for a night out to celebrate the holidays.  The reality is that COVID-19 has taken a lot of that from us. And for some, it’s taken more than we can imagine. 

The bottom line is we must do everything we can to support our local restaurants and bars NOW, so they’ll be open once we get out of this crappy COVID world.  This is serious.  If we don’t get take-out, buy gift cards and tip our local spots, it’s going to be hard for them to survive. 

We aren’t asking.  We are begging you to help keep Owensboro’s favorite local restaurants and bars open by getting takeout, buying gift cards and tipping big when you pick up your food or have it delivered.    

Both the Owensboro Times and Oddball Creative have come up with lists and fun interactive ways to support a local place.  These aren’t all of our local establishments, but they are a good start: