The Bourbon Review Calls Owensboro A Great Bourbon Weekend Escape

One of the most popular bourbon publications in the world, The Bourbon Review says the Owensboro is the perfect bourbon themed weekend escape.  

Kentucky’s fourth largest city ranks even higher on charm, adventure, and we’re sure it’s the best bourbon-inclusive getaway destination you can plan to visit right now. 

Owensboro, Kentucky is, from the moment you enter the city limits, one unexpected turn after another. Riding in past industrial sites, the expectation is set modestly, and then suddenly, the streets open up into a charming downtown, thriving main street, and diverse wonder of spaces to explore (and a distillery picking up momentum with each new barrel filled). 

Nothing is what it seems here. Behind every door and down every hallway is an unpredictable treat. Some of this is creativity in repurposing of spaces, like the sprawling multi-vendor market spread among the former classrooms of an old school building, Preservation Station. Other spaces, like the waterfront Smothers Park, are visionary designs and uses of community spaces, with picturesque views. 

As for the bourbon scene, well, there’s a lot to be seen. J’s Liquor is a better-than-most bottle shop, with a better-than-most bar in the back. It’s setup for minimal drinks, but the straight and rocks pours are what you’re there for, with Van Winkle and other rarities priced affordably for a taste. 

And then there’s Green River Distilling Co. Green River is currently helmed by third generation Kentucky whiskey maker Jacob Call. Call took us on an extended tour of the distillery on a particularly sunny afternoon, winding back and forth among the buildings of a massive distillery campus. He pointed out images of the buildings how they acquired them: in a state of disrepair, needing love and care. 

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