Three Pumpkin Treats To Enjoy This Fall

Now that Fall is here, you might be craving  pumpkin treats. If so, you’re in luck. Great Harvest, Rolling Pin, and Lic’s have you covered. With temperatures dropping and pumpkin spice in the air, Fall is in full swing.

Like always, Great Harvest has their amazing goodies, but now is the best time to try one of their seasonal favorites. The pumpkin roll is an item that always flies off their shelves. The roll consists of a pumpkin cake with a cream cheese filling. This is an excellent addition to a family dinner or just as a guilty pleasure. The pumpkin roll is best served hot and topped with whipped cream.

Rolling Pin has incorporated fall into their menu by adding pumpkin cake donuts. Unlike their sweet donuts, these have more of a savory, cinnamony taste with a kick of all spice. The dough for these treats is similar to their blueberry donuts and is a cake style rather than the fluffy glazed donuts. These treats will keep you wanting more, so if you’re looking for something yummy to get you in the fall spirit, head over the Rolling Pin and grab a pumpkin donut.

In case you’re looking for something cool on the odd, warm fall days Owensboro is known for, you can’t go wrong with Lic’s.  The pumpkin pie ice cream is a refreshing twist on a classic fall goody. This delight is perfect for the ones who like their pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream.

Fall won’t last long so make sure you get them before they run out.