Chamber Young Professionals teams with airport to promote Owensboro

Tourism at the Owensboro Airport is taking off!  2018 marked a peak in tourism for Owensboro as a whole, but particularly at the Owensboro Airport.  Now, bigger flights are opening up out of the Owensboro Airport and attention is increasing around Owensboro’s key assets like O.Z Tyler and the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum.  Visit Owensboro, Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber Young Professionals are expanding on this growth by focusing on improvements at the airport to better welcome visitors to the array of attractions around Owensboro.  Cosmetic projects are beginning at the airport to modernize the building and best display Owensboro to visitors as they come in and out.  This is part of a larger effort around Owensboro to advertise Owensboro as a tourism destination.


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