Three Unique Places To Shop In Owensboro

If you’re looking for an exciting shopping experience, Owensboro has it all. Whether its out of a store or a bus, we have you covered. 


Barrbones is an online and mobile boutique based out of Owensboro. Whether you’re grunge or super girly, you’ll find something just for you here. This boutique is known for its unique pieces with affordable prices. The most recent addition to this store is the Barrbones Bus, which transports the goods and even has a fitting room. The bus was seen at Friday After Five this summer, but you can keep up with it either on the website or on their Facebook (@shopbarrbones).

Bushay’s is one of the first men’s boutiques in Owensboro; it’s the stop for you all your menswear needs. If you’re looking for a good Vineyard Vines button down, comfy Southern Marsh tee, or have no clue what you need, this is the place to go. While they specialize in menswear, they have moved into selling home decor too. Bushay’s is located on the far East side of 54, and you’re sure to get a deal.

When shopping for the kiddos, you can’t go wrong at Kidstop. The store is known for their cute clothes, shoes, and toys. Kidstop creates a unique shopping experience by having a train set in the back to keep the children occupied while parents search the racks. If you are used to the old store, be ready for a surprise; Kidstop has moved and revamped their store for a whole new look. The new Kidstop is located in Weslyan Park Plaza, so go and check it out.