The Three Hidden Gems of Owensboro

Everyone in and around Owensboro assume that we are known for barbeque, but many have no idea about the little gems hidden right next to us. 

Food trucks have been a phenomenon in Owensboro lately, and a lot of buzz has come from J’s Good Grub. J’s Cajun Ranch Fries are so good, they leave customers speechless. Between the crunchy fries and flavorful, seasoned ranch, you couldn’t go wrong with picking these fries to fill your stomach. You can catch J’s locations on his Facebook  (@JsGoodGrubFoodTruck).







Wheatgrass Juice Bar is one of the only completely vegan restaurants in Owensboro. While smoothies are their best seller, the regulars are fond of the Acai Smoothie Bowl. The base of the bowl is acai, pineapple, and a juiced apple blended to the perfect consistency. This base is then topped with gluten free granola, shaved coconut and chocolate chips, followed by fresh fruit, and finished with almond butter. This tasty treat is priced at $9.50, is located on the East end of 54, and is worth the stop.




All locals know that there are many places to get an A-OK breakfast in Owensboro, but many do not know that Dee’s Diner is home to pancakes the size of your head. Dee’s says that their pancakes get their special touch because they are “made with love.” At $4.95, you’re not going to get a better deal or have an empty stomach.