Greater Ohio Valley Pickleball Invitational

If you’re as curious as me about the new sport taking over the courts, the Greater Ohio Valley Pickleball Invitational is the perfect place to check out the hype!  This pickleball tournament is a three-day event from Friday to Sunday, February 8-10 at the Owensboro Convention Center. 


Pickleball is a game played indoor or outdoor, similar to table tennis, on a badminton court with paddles and a whiffle ball.  The invitational will consist of singles and doubles matches for men, women and juniors.  A complete schedule for each day can be found here.


Registration will continue until February, but refunds are unavailable after January 18.  Whether you’re playing or spectating from the sidelines, the first annual pickleball tournament in Owensboro is sure to be entertaining.


Let the games begin!