Motorsports Festival Returns To Owensboro in 2019

After an extended hiatus, The Owensboro/Daviess County Motorsports Festival, the yearly festival that celebrates all that is good about Western Kentucky and motorsports returns to Daviess County. The festival will showcase activities that first fostered the racing careers of many international names in their respective motor sport as well as offering numerous opportunities for friends, family, and fans to participate and discover why motorsports are so important to this community. 

A full weekend of racing-related activities kicks off at Windy Hollow Raceway Park on Friday August 2, 2019 followed by a family fun day at the SportsCenter on Saturday and wrapping up with a full county wide race event ending at Kentucky Motor Speedway on Sunday August 4, 2019. Fans, new and old, will get the opportunity to meet their favorite drivers, interact with members of the community, and learn more about the sport that has captivated the country for more than 130 years. Whether you’re a fan of circle track racing, straight line racing, downhill racing or a good old fashioned demolition derby, there will be plenty of racing action spanning the county to satisfy anyone looking for family fun. We are also excited to announce the return of several very well known faces to Owensboro to lend their hand and an autograph or two to help show support of this great sport and tradition.

“When you think of Kentucky, you think of bluegrass and bourbon. When you think of Owensboro, you think of motorsports. Owensboro has always been a breeding ground for racing legends. Just think; the Waltrips, Greens, Haydens, Bill Sterrett, Army Armstrong and Jeremy Mayfield have all come from Owensboro. It is time that motorsports is brought back to the forefront to celebrate the rich history of the sport and competitors who are currently making a name for themselves in the area,” said Blake Smith, commentator/broadcast journalist.

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