International Bluegrass Music Museum’s Fall 2017 Concert Series

The International Bluegrass Music Museum just announced their Fall 2017 benefit concert series. All the money raised from this concert series will help the museum continue their efforts to preserve and honor the legacy of bluegrass music including music educational programs, general museum operating expenses, the Video Oral History Project (VOHP) and artifact collection efforts.

September 21 · Kenny & Amanda Smith


Kenny & Amanda Smith LogoThe Kenny & Amanda Smith Band combines heartfelt vocals, brilliant instrumental talents and a powerful, contemporary sense of song choice and arrangement into one of the most compelling new sounds in bluegrass today. The Smith Band has two nominations this year at the International Bluegrass Music Association awards (Kenny: Guitar Player of the Year; Amanda: Female Vocalist of the Year).



October 5 · The Stray Birds


The Stray Birds LogoAll originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Stray Birds started as a duo of acoustic buskers in early 2010. Seven years, three original records, and more than six hundred performances later, the band is best known today for its songwriting, its tight and forthcoming vocal harmony blend and its commitment to an impassioned delivery of original material, both on stage and in the studio. 




October 20 · Bill and the Belles

Bill and the Belles Logo

Lifelong musicians Kris Truelsen, Grace Van’t Hof, Kalia Yeagle, and Karl Zerfas bring to the stage an uplifting show unlike any other, full of humor, high spirits, and all-around revelry. It’s clear this group shares a rare musical connection and deep love for the music, and their excitement is contagious.





November 3 · Donna Ulisse

Donna Ulisse LogoThe first thing you’re likely to notice when you listen to Donna Ulisse, whether live or on a recording, is her voice. Variously described as rapturous and angelic, strong, supple, warm, rich, companionable and crystalline. Donna’s voice commands your attention, adapting readily to whatever song she is singing, wrapping it around the lyrics and imbuing them with just the right emotion needed to bring the song home.




November 16 · Robbie Fulks

Robbie FulksRobbie Fulks was born in York, Pennsylvania, and grew up in half-dozen small towns in southeast Pennsylvania, the North Carolina Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge area of Virginia. He learned guitar from his dad, banjo from Earl Scruggs and John Hartford records, and fiddle on his own. The chameleon-like tall guy can whip it out in honky-tonk, country, bluegrass, power pop, or whatever strikes his ample whimsy at the time. Widely regarded by those who monitor such things as one of the most gifted songwriters to ever ply the trade, he can sing the kids ditty “Eggs” and Haggard’s “Sing a Sad Song” back to back and mean ’em both.




December 1 · The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys

The Po' Ramblin' Boys LogoBorn in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, springing to life with all the zest and zeal you’d expect from a 1940s-style Tennessee bluegrass band, The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys have rambled far from home, touring throughout the United States and Europe. Yet, these four friends remain close to their musical roots by cranking out some of the tightest and hardest-driving traditional bluegrass you’ll find anywhere.