ROMP: Bluegrass Roots & Branches Festival

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The 12th annual ROMP Festival, the bluegrass and Americana music fest known for its stellar line-ups, friendly camping atmosphere, and easy access to artists, takes place June 24-27, 2015 in Owensboro, Kentucky. Above and beyond, ROMP is beloved for its gorgeous setting, Yellow Creek Park, a 150-acre facility famous for its raptor rescue center, winding creek and fishing lake, sweeping tree-lines, nature trails and vast grassy fields, is very much part of the spirit and festival culture that brings thousands to ROMP each year.

This year’s lineup includes: Caribou Mountain Collective, Red Ember, Punch Brothers, The Love Bellow, Sam Bush Band, The Fairfield Four, John Prine and many others . For a complete lineup, visit the festival website at

Daily schedules are:

Wednesday, 9pm-midnight
Thursday, 5pm-midnight
Friday, 11am-midnight
Saturday, 11am-midnight